Our philosophy – Quality & personal service, integrity, constantly evolving and giving back to those less fortunate are just a few things that make us tick. We try to put ourselves in your shoes to make the process easy & deliver above expectations.


What’s your experience?


I (Jayden) have been operating Sunshine Coast Videography for over 13 years now and have filmed hundreds of videos. Bachelor Learning design, Cert 4 in Business, Cert 4 construction, TESOL


What if you get sick and can’t make the shoot?


The team consists of two videographers and we have agreements with other videographers if we get stuck. Of course you’ll be contacted first.


Your videographer is who you book?


The videographer you book with at the start is the same one who will be filming on your wedding day (not a freelance). Unless the above needs to be implemented.


What equipment do you use?


We use high-quality cameras & productions equipment. As we aren’t a started up we have the luxury of a large range of the cameras, lenses lighting and film equipment (including backup equipment)


Can we see samples?


We have 100s of samples online (website & youtube) of our work over the past 13 years. Please ask if you want to see anything specific.


What if your business goes bankrupt?


Sunshine Coast Videography has never had any debt and therefor can’t go bankrupt. But if something like that did happen we believe in integrity and would return any payments for work not done.


Do you have insurance?




What if your camera stops working?


Every shoot has a minimum of 2 cameras, so there will always be something to shoot on.


Will you get in the way?


Our style is candid while still getting the shots you ask for. You can also mention if you want us to be a fly on the wall or in amongst the action.


How do you work with the photographer?


Fabulously! I have worked with hundreds for photographer over the years and never had a problem. For me it’s about clear communication and mutual respect.


What’s the difference between Documentary & Premium packages?


Documentary is our standard range of packages it is filmed with 2 cameras. The packages are edited into a long edit version of what is included in your package (Ceremony packages approx 30min & approx 1hr for packages that include reception). You can opt for a Trailer video which goes for approximately 3 minutes and are done in a music video style (without sound bites – talking bits, vows etc).


Premium as the name suggests steps it up to the next level including Hollywood style motion video production equipment, drone & extra cameras to capture the reactions. In getting to know you better in our meeting I can then guide you on your wedding day to capture stunning creative shots that tell your story. The Short Film is exactly that a 5-12 minute short film of your wedding day with audio from parts of the day such as vows and speeches, this is popular to share online. You also receive a long version edit of your full ceremony & reception so you have it all. The editing process take us about 5 times longer than the documentary & includes professional colour grading. We do offer hybrid Documentary/Premium packages if the Premium doesn’t fit into your budget.


What do we get?


Documentary Packages: You’ll receive a long version edit of the elements included in your package eg. ceremony in full. This is delivered in High definition for transfer onto a USB (4K Ultra High Definition option is also available). You also have the option to add a Trailer/highlight which can be viewed online.


Premium: You’ll receive a long version edit including your full ceremony & speeches with the other moments throughout the day edited to the music of your choice. You will also receive a short film (see website for samples) supplied on USB in your choice of High Definition or 4K Ultra High Definitions.


USB, DVD or Blu-ray?


You can add DVD or Blu-ray’s to your package, the default is Online or USB because of the quality & future proof of the file-based technology (this is the way of the future, think iTunes, Bigpond movies, youtube which is all file-based technology).


Will we be able to hear our vows?


We use professional lapel mics to pick up your most important moments including your vows and speeches.


Can you change the packages?


Yes you can change your package along the way or ask us if we can make a package to suit you.


Do you pencil in dates or hold dates?


No, we work on a first in first served basis, so please as soon as you have made your decision contact us to lock it in.


What is your booking fee?


We have a $600 booking fee, this comes off your package price and is nonrefundable. You may choose to pay off the $600 over a period of 1 months with a $50 deposit to hold your date.


What are your payment options?


The final full payment is due 2 weeks before your wedding. You can pay via bank deposit, cash, credit card (2.9% fee). We also do Payment Plans (direct deposit a % each month or week. This can extend up to 2 months after your wedding).


We are all about capturing your moment! From special events and weddings to corporate and commercials, our experienced team produce high quality video for all occasions.


We’re passionate about excelling in our industry and delivering above our clients expectations. Let’s chat today to see how we can capture your perfect moment.